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2011-11-16 20:02:53 by zobambi

For the like...4 of you that will click this please sign and spread the word.

Gonna start submitting arts and whatnot

2011-03-16 02:44:16 by zobambi

I'm not all too active on here, so I figured I'd try and fix that. Since I'm always drawing I'll start actively submitting things here and hopefully people will like it.
Oh, and I've found an animator for a project I've wanted to work on for awhile now, so I should be getting some flashes out with them coming up here soon, sooooo yeah...good stuff happenin' here...yeah.

Gonna start submitting arts and whatnot

Finally have a demo

2009-10-19 18:13:30 by zobambi

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This is my VA demo thingy so if you like it or want to hear more then send me a pm or comment.

Ummm I'm new to newgrounds so yeah, Hi! I'm willing to do some voice acting and art if your interested, I'll upload some of my art to the art portal later and I'm not sure how to go about the voice acting thing if you want a demo send me a pm with your e-mail address and some lines you want me to read and I'll get back to you.